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Rosa Rouge
Rosa Rouge
Rosa Rouge
Rosa Rouge
Rosa Rouge
Rosa Rouge
Rosa Rouge
Rosa Rouge
Rosa Rouge

Hot for you!


Providing a cure for the common vibrator, ROSA Rouge will heat up your intimate moments. ROSA Rouge’s Thermal Regulation System produces tantalizing heat that will bring you to your fever pitch.


Two ingeniously placed motors, L’amourose’s amazing motion versatility, and Flex and Shift™ Technology round out this impassioned package of pleasure.


The Rouge Collection


With the integration of Thermal Regulation Technology™ into select models, L’amourose’s Rouge Collection will impassion your most intimate moments. Vibrators in the Rouge Collection emanate a sultry heat that intensifies your experience, inviting you to warm up a cold night or take your activities to the next, feverish level.





  • Heated: Thermal Regulation System keeps heat between a sultry 40 and 42 degrees Celsius
  • Flex and Shift Technology: Adjusts to your specific body type for ultimate comfort and perfect placement
  • Dual Stimulation: Two motors provide double the stimulation18 Month Warranty/Lifetime Quality Guarantee
  • Waterproof: Seamless design for easy cleaning, 100% waterproof
  • Ease of Charging: Charging dock allows for quick and convenient charging



  • Size: 146.5 x 85 x 48.5 mm (Vibrator); 90 x 55 x 25.5 mm (Charging Dock)
  • Weight: 178 g (Vibrator); 110 g (Charging Dock)
  • Color: Rouge
  • Materials: FDA-approved Silicone/PC ABS
  • Capability: 9 Vibrating Modes, 12 Speeds
  • Heating: Heating function to maintain 40-42° Celsius. Heating time and temperature variable upon outside temperature.
  • Battery: Up to 3 hours of use at medium speed and up to 70 minutes of use on full speed with heat function engaged
  • Standby: 60-100 days
  • Charging: 2 hours
  • Warranty: 18 Month Warranty / Lifetime Quality Guarantee
  • Contents:
    • Luxury Gift Box
    • Hands-free Charging Dock
    • Charger
    • Velvet Carrying Pouch
    • User Manual
    • Authenticity Card


Mya Bead - Lite






L'amourose combines intuitive design, a tradition of craftsmanship, and technological  innovation to create lifestyle products that enhance your intimate experience.






The L'amourose Experience - L'amourose is committed to providing products that enhance your intimate experiences. Whether experienced individually or with a partner, our products will satisfy your most intimate desires. The L'amourose brand will guide you on your journey of self-discovery, connecting you with your true self and forging emotional bonds between those who share a L'amourose experience.


Intuitive Design - Every L'amourose product simultaneously draws its insipration from and designs with the end experience in mind. Our designers, working to capture and convey the essence of these moments, have created pieces that are as visually appealing as ergonomically superior. Our pieces therefore not only contour to every situation but also stimulate your imagination and satiate your desire.


Superior Craftsmaship - L'amourose's production standards are inherited from the French tradition of stylish and quality craftsmanship. We pride and hold ourselves to the standard of excellence that has given life to some of the world's most recognized and prized brands. Further more, with our infusion of intuitive design and application of innovative technology, we seek to influence the trajectory of this craft tradition.



...."I loved my Rosa Rouge and, judging from it was doing to me, I knew it loved me too...." Read the full review here.
By Meredith Yarbrough, winner of the 2014 That’s Shanghai Erotic Fiction Competition
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