Frequently Asked Questions


To help get past the boring stuff and get you down to play town as fast as possible, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions into a number of categories. 


Of course you can also contact one of our customer service kittens at +86-21-5117 5423, or and ask us anything at all!  We like talking almost as much as we like playing and we want to hear all about your hopes, dreams and favorite ways to play!



Will I get charged immediately?

No!  If you select the cash on delivery option, you will pay when you receive your order from our couriers.  If you pay using Alipay, your payment will be processed upon ordering, but Alipay will hold your money as escrow.  Alipay will tell us that you have paid, then we will ship your goods to you.  Once you receive the delivery, you tell Alipay that your purchase has arrived.  After that, Alipay will release your money to us.  Everyone wins!  Everyone is happy and you are protected!


Is it safe to order online?

Yes!  See our Privacy Policy pages for more information but we are really secure and careful with your data and we don’t tell anyone anything!  Your secrets are safe with us.  We encrypt things to make sure everything is safe for you.


Are batteries included with my order?

Some manufacturers include batteries with their order, but some do not.  Each product page should tell you whether a particular item will include them.



How much does shipping cost?

For customers in mainland China, if you play nice and your order is more than 400 RMB we will pay for the cost of shipping!  Yep, it’s good to have friends like us!  If your order is less than 400 RMB then we will charge a small delivery fee of approximately 15 RMB, depending on the shipping option you choose.


Do you ship to my city here in China?

Yes!  We ship to nearly all of mainland China!  We will contact you by email if for some reason we can’t ship to an address you provide us.


Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we can ship to select international locations. Please contact us at to find out if we ship to your location. For international locations, shipping will be charged based on the delivery location.


When will my items be shipped to me?

We will send out your purchases as soon as we can!  We know how fun it is to play with toys and we don’t want you to wait!  Our website only displays items we have in our warehouse inventory, so you shouldn’t have to wait too long at all!  We will send you an email once your purchases are shipped so you will know when the toys are on their way!


How long does delivery take?

Our couriers are super speedy and professional.  We currently ship with ZJS Express (宅急送)and YTO Express (圆通速递).  Orders within mainland China are usually delivered between 1 to 4 days after you get an email from us telling you your order has shipped.  Don’t worry, the couriers are all work and no play, they won't rest until your order is delivered and you are happy! For deliveries in Shanghai, your order usually arrives the next day, while other areas in China takes 2-3 days.


Can I track my shipment online?

Both ZJS Express (宅急送)and YTO Express (圆通速递)allow for tracking of shipments online. 


Is your shipping discreet?

It is so discreet, your mum could receive the package and not know about the goodies inside!  We ship in very plain cardboard boxes so no one will know a thing!  Our name isn’t anywhere on the box either and the shipping labels will say that the item is a “gift” with only our address in the sender details.  And don’t worry, our couriers don’t know what is inside the boxes either!



Can I return my order?

Unfortunately due to the personal nature of the products we sell, we can’t allow returns.  Please see our Exchange Policy for the rules that cover what happens if there is a manufacturers defect with something you bought at Playroom! 



Can I cancel my order?

If you want to cancel your order, please contact one of our customer service kittens at +86-21-5117 5423, or as soon as possible.  We will do our best to accommodate your request.  However, we want you to start playing as soon as possible and we try and ship things to you quickly!  Please understand that if your order has been shipped we can’t change or cancel the order for you anymore.


What should I buy?

That depends – what do you like doing?  What kind of play is your favorite kind of play?  Contact one of our customer service kittens at +86-21-5117 5423, or and we will be happy to help you make an informed decision!


How big are your products?

We don’t want you to bite off more than you can chew!  Remember, bigger isn’t always better,  but sometimes it is!  Each product has measurements in the description.  Check them out!


Can I have a job?

Sure!  Check out our Jobs page for current openings.  In addition, we are always looking for talented people to join our company in the following areas: 


·      Customer service

·      English / Chinese translation

·      Contributing authors

·      Website development

·      Marketing interns

·      Web design interns


If you are super smart, humble and a fun person, you will love working at Playroom!


To apply, send an email to with one of the following:


1)   A link to an application video of yourself that you made and posted on telling us why we need to hire you.  Make us laugh! 


2)   An email in English with an attached resume in both English and Chinese to


Thanks for reading and thanks for playing with us!  

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